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Crack Addiction: Signs and Symptoms

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Alternative Treatment For Heroin Addiction

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How Heroin Addiction Kills You

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Heroin addiction and overdose can kill you. Since the 1970s, cases of drug overdose deaths have increased consistently. Based on the report of the Centers for Disease Control, addiction to painkillers kills more Americans than addiction to cocaine and heroin.


Only one dies from ten people who overdosed from heroin. However, heroin use and deaths have increased lately. Most people who die from heroin use are frequent users.


Heroin acts fast when it is injected. Users usually combine the drug with water and then inject it. This lowers the lag time before users feel the effect resulting in abrupt euphoric effect. Some users eat, smoke or snort heroin. Eating or snorting it can lower its effects.

During heroin addiction or use, a sudden rush is experienced by the user. It will be followed by a great feeling of relaxation. Users will also be likely to have a lower sense of pain.

How do heroin addiction and overdose cause death? People die from the use of the drug when their bodies no longer function well. It affects their respiratory system, as the body forgets to breathe.

This happens because heroin has a calming effect that makes the user feel so relaxed and sleepy. However, when the drug is abused heavily, they can eventually fall asleep. During sleep, the respiratory function shuts down.

Normally when people sleep, the body knows that it needs to breathe. However, in the case of drug users, the body forgets this task. In worse conditions, blood pressure decline causing the heart to function and fail.

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Based from the studies, users who abuse heroin through injection are 300 percent more likely to suffer from heart endocarditis. Heroin addiction and use can cause rapid heartbeat or arrhythmia. This condition may affect the whole system as the blood would not be able to reach the brain, heart and other internal organs.

Use of heroin can lead to pulmonary edema. This increases the pressure to the veins and blood vessels as it tries to supply blood through the lungs. As the blood fills the lungs, the oxygen decreases. This can further lead to a more serious complications such as kidney failure or heart attack.


There are studies that claim that heroin fatalities are often associated with men. The percentage increases if they have a history of alcohol or drug abuse. Those who battled heroin addiction and left their treatment have higher tendencies to die.


Fatalities are also higher with recovering addicts. A research conducted in 2000 has showed that deaths often happen after the addicts tried to quit or lessen their heroin use.